Monday, 28 April 2014

The temperature hots up

There's been a long gap because I've been away, in China.  It was a wonderful time, away from home responsibilities.
While we were away daughter S found a job in the city where she'll be living after her marriage.
Since we've got back daughter-in-law to be K has also found a job locally.
I've spent a few hours with the dressmaker who's altering both girls' wedding dresses to fit.  They looked nice before she pinned them into shape, but far better once she'd fitted them, and I'll look forward to the further fittings in June. 
Almost all the wedding invitations have gone out, and it's the 'closing date' for one of the weddings' RSVPs on Wednesday.  Most people who've been invited can come, which is nice.
Still to be sorted are:
  • hair and make up help for one wedding
  • bridesmaid dresses for one wedding
  • confirmation of whether wine glasses should be hired for one wedding, and if they are, arrangements to be made to hire them
  • wine to be bought in France for one wedding (a fun weekend away booked for husband and me)
  • several outfits eg a further bridal outfit for daughter S, an outfit for one wedding day for me, and for the second reception in September, suits for one groom and husband, measurements for hired other suits for other groom and husband
  • final confirmation of where musicians and bridesmaids are staying the night before one wedding which is in the university town where the bride and groom studied
  • arrangements for dinners the night before the two weddings - who shall we dine with, and where?
When people hear how the arrangements are going they keep saying that we are very well organised.  Certainly the four young people have been great in sorting out the details themselves.  Most of the time I feel quite calm.  But I sense that the weeks just before the weddings are bound to be hectic, simply because there is so much to juggle.
So it feels as though with some of these details the temperature is hotting up a bit - mainly at the moment I must admit to do with my outfits.  I need to get them sorted out.
However, it's all going to be fun.

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